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Will You Need to Jailbreak iPhone 5?

Is it worth jailbreaking your iPhone 5?

The iPhone 4S has barely had one year on the shelves, but the iPhone 5 has the industry abuzz with anticipations including whether the jailbreak iPhone process will be necessary for the device. There are two things Apple is known for; creating a buzz around their products and grand product releases. Apple is expected to officially release their latest installation to the iPhone series barely 2 days away (September 12th). The release will finally rest the rumors that have been floating around on what the iPhone 5 has to offer. Most people would possibly want to know whether they will need to jailbreak iPhone 5.

What we know So Far about the iPhone 5 and Our Thoughts on iPhone Jailbreak

Like with its predecessors, most of the rumors floating around about the iPhone 5 are most likely accurate. Both consumers and the cell phone industry are constantly anticipating what Apple has in store and here are some of the anticipations or expectations that the iPhone 5 is expected to live up to:

  • It is the iPhone 5 – from previous Apple releases, the company has always maintained a silence with regards to the official name of their products. This time around, the media invites which have been circulated to members of the press strongly indicate that the phone will be called the iPhone 5. A prominent shadow of the number 5 can be seen on the invites, which means that they have broken the norm this time and released the product name ahead of time.
  • The device will come with the iOS 6 – characteristic of previous iPhone releases which came with new iOS upgrades, the iPhone 5 will also come with a new iOS. This was confirmed earlier on this year, when Apple divulged a lot about the iOS 6 during their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event in June.
  • A new redesign – Unlike its predecessors which made subtle design changes up until the release of the iPhone 3G and 4, the iPhone 5 is expected to get a complete redesign. The phone will get a two-tone back plate and could be slightly longer and thinner when compared to the 4S. However, the screen size of will mostly likely stay at 3.5 inches with a great probability that it could go up by half an inch as rumors have it.
  • A6 quad-core Processor – The iPhone 5 will also most likely come with the ‘Apple A6’ quad-core processor.

In essence, just like previous iPhones the iPhone 5 will feature some prominent changes but maintain most of the past specifications and features. This means that some consumers might still need to jailbreak iPhone 5, for the same reason why they chose to jailbreak their previous iPhones.

The iOS 6 Tweaks Which Might Dismiss the Need to Unlock iPhone 5

The iOS 6 will feature several tweaks which gives the need to unlock iPhone 5 for most consumers.

  • The iOS 6 will introduce Apple’s Passbook, an intuitive ticketing app expected to revolutionize how consumers handle their travel tickets.
  • A smart reminder will allow phone users to reject calls with messages and also remind them to return calls.
  • A Do Not Disturb function will enable phone users to receive new messages in silence, with only the screen lighting up to indicate that a new message has been received. This feature will also enable call selection/ screening allowing users to automatically silence calls select calls and allow others to ring out loud.
  • Siri is enhanced with the inclusion of a wider scope of questions and it will also be introduced to the iPad.
  • A guided access will be included to guide children through the phone features and allow the disabling of certain screen parts.
  • The iOS 6 will also allow free app downloads without the need to enter passwords.

Again, these changes might not be enough for some consumers and the unlock iPhone process might be the solution to open up your device to enhanced features.

Our Last thoughts on the Jailbreak iPhone 5 Process

Different people are different by nature and while most people have been content with iPhones as they are, some consumers simply want more out of the smart devices. The iPhone series command a great respect in the telephony industry, but most people still feel that they are a bit sluggish in implementing changes which could easily make them the most powerful smart phones available.

The release of the It the iPhone 5 will help you determine whether it can live up to your expectations without the need for the iPhone jailbreak process.