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Why Go Through the Headache of the Unlock iPhone 4S Process?

The Joys of Having an Unlocked iPhone 4S!

If you have attempted the unlock iPhone 4S process unsuccessfully, you are probably frustrated and just about to give up. You might have found out the hard way that network carriers won’t just let you walk away scot free even after you conclude your contract with them. It seems next to impossible to get a contract with a new network carrier with your current iPhone 4S even though it is unlocked from your previous carrier. The bottom line is that they want to make the most profits by keeping you under contract and they know that if you decide to jump on to a different network carrier they lose revenue. This is the reason why most network carriers will require you to buy an iPhone from them if you want to get into a contract with them. With all these frustrations it makes sense to carefully consider whether you would like to go through the iPhone 4S process or not.

Why would you unlock iPhone 4S?

Despite what it seems, there are several benefits that come with the unlock iPhone 4S process. To start off with, a successful unlock will enable you to break free from a contract with your carrier and go for a contract with a suitable cellular network carrier. To achieve a successful unlock you will have to opt for the jailbreak iPhone process.

Jail breaking your iPhone essentially frees your phone from the restrictions Apple places on the device as well as cellular network carrier control. The jailbreak process is quite simple and you don’t have to be a tech genius to carry out the process. However, if you are too afraid of damaging your phone you might want to consider getting an expert to jailbreak your phone.

Some of the other benefits that come with unlocking your phone include:

  • You will be able to download and run applications from third party sources to your phone. This is particularly resourceful for people who want to access apps and software which are not accessible through the Apple app store.
  • The ability to switch SIM cards especially when you travel to avoid incurring high roaming charges is also another benefit of unlocking your iPhone.
  • You will be able to run FaceTime over a 3G network. The innovative video chat feature which came with the iPhone 4 is greatly dependent on WIFI connectivity, which is not always available in most cases. Being able to access it over a 3G network is a resourceful benefit for those who use greatly use video chat apps such as Skype and Google Voice and Video.
  • Anticipating several future iPhone releases, most people will spare nothing to get their hands on new releases. By unlocking your phone you increase the chances of selling it quickly if you are hoping to upgrade to a new iPhone.

Know the setbacks that might come with the unlock iPhone 4S process

Not to taint the rosy picture that you might have created about the unlock iPhone 4S process, but the reality is that there are a few setbacks that could come with the process. For one, if the process is not successful mainly because of using underhand unlock software you might end up 'bricking' your device. Bricking is a term used to refer to an unusable phone which is in all sense as useful as a brick. On the bright side it is an easily reversible process which requires wiping your device completely and restoring it to its factory settings.

Although hacking is really not illegal, you risk voiding your warranty when you unlock your iPhone. The flipside is that unlock/jailbreak processes are always reversible and almost undetectable. However, the jailbreak process could prevent you from updating your iOS if something does go wrong.

Jailbreaks are also full of bugs and they prevent certain iPhone features from functioning as they should. The solution would be to revert back to your locked state and this in a sense beats the purpose of a jailbreak.

Security concerns have been raised over jail broken devices and it is thought that they are susceptible to remote hacking. You might think that you don’t really have anything to hack into, but this becomes a real concern if you predominantly use the device for business.

It is up to you whether to go through the unlock iPhone 4S process or not, the most important thing is to make sure that the benefits outweigh the setbacks.