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Deciding Whether to Unlock iPhone 4

There are many reasons why you should Unlock your iPhone 4!

Apple products undisputedly command a great market presence, but with each release consumers still seek the unlock iPhone process. The products always create a cult-like buzz and once they hit the shelves thousands of people across the globe line up outside Apple stores for weeks, if only to get themselves the latest Apple addition. However, in most part these devices still have a lot of strides to make before most people can consider them as the perfect phones ever created.

There are a lot of people who are content with their iPhone as they come and they have never really considered unlocking their phones. The cell phone industry is radically going through changes and while most of Apple’s competitors are quick to implement these changes, Apple has a reputation of acting a bit sluggishly. Freeing up the devices from the Apple app/software restrictions and getting out of unfavorable contracts with costly network providers are some of the main reasons why most Apple product users choose to unlock their devices.

Understanding what the Unlock iPhone 4 Process means for your device

The truth is that most people simply love their iPhones the way they are and with simple app additions from they are content with their phones. However, the tech-savvy iPhone users often feel like there is an endless list of possibilities in what they can achieve with their devices. This consequently leads them to the unlock iPhone 4 process.

To explain how the unlock process works in simple terms, it frees up your phone from relying on iTunes to load up new music/programs and also allows you to download and run apps from third party sources directly onto your device. For instance, most iPhone 4 users are envious of Siri which comes with the 4S and by jail breaking your device you can run Siri on your iPhone 4. The other benefit would be t free your device from a SIM lock, meaning that you no longer have to be tied to the cell phone network your phone was originally locked to and you can switch carriers as desired.

It is also important to distinguish the jailbreak iPhone process from the unlock process. In most instances, you will have to jailbreak your iPhone before unlocking it. The jailbreak process enables you to download and run third party software on your device, which enable you to in turn unlock your device. Unlocking your device is primarily aimed at realizing it from a SIM lock and allowing you to switch network carriers.

How does the unlock iPhone 4 process work?

There are essentially two methods to approach the unlock iPhone 4 process. Your device can either be unlocked using software or hardware cracks. Most people opt for software cracks because they are easily accessible and considered to be the ‘safer option.’ The reality is that you risk damaging your phone hardware/software if the unlock process is not carried out with care. It is always recommended that you should have a ‘geek’ or expert carry out the process for you to avoid damaging your device.

There are in turn two processes used to jailbreak/unlock iPhones and the first approach is often aimed at gaining access to the root menu of your device and enabling it to accept third party applications to run on it. The second method aims at modifying the phone’s firmware and it is commonly used to unlock a phone and allow it to operate on different cellular networks.

It is important to note that you can seek the unlock process from your network carrier, but this will only be possible once you conclude your contract with them. Most people who buy locked phones often enter into long term contracts with the network carrier and some people have also complained that network carriers are not always accommodating when it comes to unlocking their devices once the contract concludes. However, those who choose to have their network carrier unlock their phones should be ready to pay considerable amounts for the service.

Unlock iPhone 4 or not?

If you are still considering whether to unlock iPhone 4 or not think about the following:

  • Will you be travelling soon and need t use the local networks in order to avoid high roaming charges?
  • Are you planning to sell your iPhone soon to possibly upgrade to the new iPhone 5? Your phone will be more marketable if it is unlocked compared to if it is locked.
  • Do you want to switch cellular carriers and get an affordable carrier?

If your answer is yes to all these questions, then by all means go ahead and opt for the unlock iPhone 4 process.