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If you live in the US, you probably know that most carriers often sell locked iPhones and the jailbreak iPhone process is the only way to free your device from this network control. It is important to know that Apple defines the jailbreak process as 'software modification' and opting for the process means that you have accepted to void your warranty. Obviously most iPhone users choose to jailbreak their devices because they determine that the benefits supersede voiding their warranty. After all, the jailbreak iPhone process is reversible at any time which makes it easy to revert back to the phone's locked state should you need any warranty related assistance.

Understanding why you might need the unlock iPhone 4S process.

The iPhone 4S is particularly considered to be more difficult to jailbreak because it comes with two locks. The first lock is the Apple lock and the second is the carrier lock. The carrier lock could be considered as one of the most problematic restrictions for most people, because it ultimately determines how much you will be paying on a monthly basis under your contract. You are susceptible to ridiculous roaming and data fees imposed by the carrier which can end up being frustrating. You have no choice but to pay your monthly charges if you want to keep on accessing telephony services from your carrier.

On the other hand, Apple's lock is based on the 'jailbreaker`s ideology' that the company simply loans their products to consumers in order to enable them to access Apple’s technology. This means that despite parting with up to $600 for your unlocked phone, the company still controls how you use the device and what you put in it. Some of the things that Apple restricts include changing the carrier name, the imposition of the slide-to-unlock tag, restricting wallpaper themes and ringtones as well as including increased folders to accommodate your apps. These might seem like insignificant restrictions to some people, but most people want to feel like they own every aspect of their devices in every sense.

So how can you break free from these two restrictions and gain control of your device? The answer is to simply unlock iPhone 4S.

Choosing a jailbreak iPhone 4S software.

First things first, the jailbreak iPhone 4S process can be a massive headache and if you are not careful you might end up bricking your phone. In our view, it is best to choose the best jailbreak software which does it all for you without the risk of damaging your phone. Our jailbreak software include the following options:

  • Our jailbreak process takes about 15 minutes. Once you buy our unlock software simply download it, install it and run it to unlock your phone. The process is entirely guided and stress free, with everything pretty much done for you.
  • Our unlocking & jailbreaking system has received great reviews. The program performs a complete jailbreak on your device, also referred to as the jailbreak-unlock. This is a double benefit for those who want to free their device from both the carrier control and Apple’s restrictions.
  • Our software is pretty effective, check our for yourself.

Choosing tethered or untethered jailbreak iPhone 4S

When choosing jailbreak iPhone 4S software, you will come across the terms tethered and untethered solutions. The tethered jailbreak would temporarily jailbreak your device, meaning that you would need to connect your phone to a laptop and reboot it via iTunes. Untethered jailbreak on the other hand is considered a full or permanent jailbreak. The tethered jailbreak would be the option to choose because you will not have to go through the process of having to load the jailbreak all over again every time you need to reboot your phone. In some cases, your phone might not take up a tethered jailbreak and your best option would be to opt for an untethered jailbreak iPhone process.